Short Term Medical Insurance

If you are between jobs or do not have health insurance Short Term medical insurance might be a solution for you.

You can get a quote form United Healthcare in minutes, you can shop for a single product or in bundles .

Short Term plans are designed to provide insurance coverage for a shorter amount of time. This type of coverage is ideal for:

  • Employees in between jobs
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Unemployed individuals and their families
  • College graduates and other young adults not eligible to be on their parents’ plan.
  • Those who miss open-enrollment and still need health insurance coverage

Advantages of UnitedHealthOne® Short Term MedicalSM:

  • Flexible coverage lengths – from 30-360 days Budget friendly premiums
  • Next day coverage – no waiting period
  • Multiple plans available to find coverage to fit your needs
  • Access to a nationwide network of doctors and hospitals, with no PCP or referrals required

Apply for a Short Term plan any time of year!

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