2017 Health Insurance Plans Open Enrollment Period

Open enrollment period for 2017 health insurance plans is scheduled to begin on November 1,/2016 and ends January 31/2017.
If you are doing your own search for health insurance, it’s important that you pay attention to changes in prices, are your doctors still in the network, is your plan from previous year available on marketplace.
During open enrollment you cannot be turned down for major medical coverage for not having certain qualifying life events.
After open enrollment period you can generally only enroll in a major medical plan when you experience a qualifying life event for example a marriage, divorce, new baby, adoption, permanent move, loss of other coverage, etc.
If you don’t have health insurance plan you could potentially face tax penalties on your federal tax return for 2017.

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Why should you shop for an insurance plan

Change in cost and benefits: insurance carriers might change prices, benefits, doctors access, etc.

Plan cancellations: some plans won’t be available in 2017

Your needs might change: you and your family might have different coverage needs.

Obamacare subsidies change: your tax credit eligibility (subsidies) might change.


Why should you consider our help:

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We can help you with Obamacare on and off exchange plans and other plans that are not available on government exchanges.

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